Our Dream

Our dream is to the heal the world through plants. Stress, depression and untreated mental health concerns are on the rise in the United States. In 2020, a study was done that showed that every person in the United States is experiencing or knows someone who is experiencing some level of mental health concerns.

After experiencing our own trauma and need for mental health intervention, plants showed up a way to become more grounded and were the start to our healing journeys. It has since become our mission to help lead others down the same path. 

Don't follow your dreams, chase them.



Our mission is to establish the San Francisco Bay Area's first therapeutic greenhouse that serves traumatized children, youth and young adults. The idea for this dream sprouted when we noticed there was an overwhelming need to make a difference in the lives of young people. 


How We Started

At the start of COVID-19, 2 Girls One Plant was created as a way to bring the community together through plants. We started by selling plants online, to our local community and hosting small business pop up events, in Pleasanton, Ca, as a way to support the community through the difficult times. 

We started in Cheyenne's parent's driveway, located in Pleasanton, where we had a greenhouse space that we wanted to share with people. As we quickly outgrew that space, we moved to the wonderful town of Lafayette, CA where we are magically connecting with the community and starting to make our bigger dreams come true.